Missing Num Bubble

Missing Num Bubble is interesting number game for kids which is playable on pbs games 2020. When starting the game, you will have 3 game modes: what comes befores | what comes after | number in between. You will select 1 of 3 modes then play. For example, if you select what comes befores, you will see the left panel to see the given number and select the number bubble from the right box. After completing the board you will pass that exercise.

Coming to Missing Num Bubble at https://pbskidsgames.games/, your mission is to find the numbers corresponding to the game mode you choose. You have to choose exactly, because if you make the wrong choice, you will be deducted 50 points. For each correct number, you will get 100 points. You will pass the level when you find the right one and enough bubbles are required. Good luck!

If you prefer a private server to enjoy the game with your friends, feel free to create one on your own! Don't refrain yourself from exploring the possibilities with other gaming selections like Bear Home and Coordinate Rush!

Instruction to play:

Use touch screen or mouse to play this game