Bird Quest: Adventure Flappy

Bird Quest: Adventure Flappy is a lovely casual love game which is playable on pbs new games. You will start the game with a lovely bird called Bob. This bird with its wings is really cute. There are two modes for you to choose from. The first one is Classic mode with island background. In this mode, the gameplay is the same as the game Flappy Bird with green pipes. The other one is Arcade mode with the level select and green tree background. There are ten levels with different difficulties to practice. In this mode, you won't see the pipes but you see the woods instead. This mode also brings more coins than the other one.

If you want to test your controlling skill freely, let choose Classic mode. If you want to practice with the levels, let select the Arcade mode. There are a lot of bird skins with many colors and names. They are Blade- a purple bird, Harry- a bluebird, Kevin- a white bird, Ralf- a green bird, etc. Each bird will have a cost to purchase. Floppy is the most expensive bird skin. So, if you want to own all of these lovely birds, you have to go as far as you can and earn coins. Making an effort to collect all coins in the sky as fly far. Don't let your bird die in just some first wings. With the new player, I recommend you to play in the Arcade mode to practice first. Then, you can freely beat your wings!

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Instruction to play: