Nascar Racing

Welcome to Nascar Racing free game at pbs for kids! The car race has started! You must run as fast as you can to win the champion. The car's equipment is not the best, so you need to unlock faster cars as you progress. How to do it? Win races and collect money. Now, start your race! 

Take to the track and control a range of beautiful Nascar rally vehicles! The graphics of this racing game at are brilliant and the game play is smooth. Step on the gas pedal, perform flawless curves and leave all your opponents behind to cross the finish line in first place. Win races and collect money and then return to the garage to buy those super Chevrolet's. 

The driving is straightforward, but you must take the corners carefully. This type of race requires skill and endurance. Don't be tempted to cut into the infield - you will be penalised and taken back to the starting grid! Will you become a Nascar legend and conquer the track? Find out in Nascar Racing!

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Instruction to play:

Use the Arrow keys / WASD to drive

The Space to hand brake

Use C key to change vie