Fun Race 3D

Fun Race 3D is a fast-paced game featuring the latest action element to pbs com, taking you to dramatic multiplayer races. Coming from the same developer with the hit game Run Race 3D, the latest 3D racing game - Fun Race 3D will bring you a completely new parkour experience with hundreds of unique levels. 

Race against other players across the globe, conquer the track and unlock new characters, each screen is extremely challenging and extremely fun. Are you physically fit and cunning to become a winner? Your mission is to overcome obstacles, leave the competitor behind and become the first finisher.

Each race consists of 3 athletes. The person who reaches the finish line will eventually be eliminated and the first 2 finishers will continue to compete with each other on that track to find the final winner. At this point at, you need to be the first to reach the finish line to continue conquering the new track with players of the same level.

If you lose, you will be stuck in that race until you win. You will be surprised to see the unique challenges that are waiting for you on the track ahead. During the race, the unfortunate player who is defeated by an obstacle will revive and continue the competition. As long as no opponent has reached the target, the player still has a chance to win.

Share with your friend's games for these girls. It is extremely simple that anyone can overcome. If you're curious, try to overcome the challenge and join many other similar games in our game list like Banana Running and Run Race 3D. Kids won't ignore them. 

Instruction to play: