1 Vs 1 Soccer

1 Vs 1 Soccer is a game for girls and boys of all ages which is playable on pbs for school. If you are looking for a nice and fun game to play with a friend,  this is the perfect game for you! Each player controls one guy, simple as that. Make the little buddy turn left or right in order to get the ball into your opponent’s goal as many times as you can. Some bonus icons will appear on the field to add more fun to this game, such as a huge and heavy ball, 2 additional ghost balls bouncing around and more. Enjoy this 1 on 1 football game!

You need to represent yourself to defeat the representatives of various countries in the game 1 Vs 1 Soccer! For example, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Ghana and so on. See if you can dominate the world! Enjoy!

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Instruction to play: