is a competitive .io game that you can play here on pbs Games school. You play as a chicken and battle other players. In true Battle Royale style, each match has only one winner. Will you be the nugget or will you triumph as the chicken king? Good luck!

Be the best out of 80 chickens. balance on a metal plate and kick others into death. But be careful the plate transforms all the time and noone wants to lose. The meat grinder is always hungry and only one can survive. In the beginning at, you are a small chicken. Try to eat the corn on the corner of the metal plate to grow. If you fall of its not very dramatic you still can try flying back on the disk by pressing space repeatedly. Also be careful. In the end the floor will shrink and the game becomes insanely difficult.

Oh, the platform will also grow smaller and smaller with time. Tornados and other dangerous obstacles can mess up your day. That’s why surviving as the last chicken alive is almost impossible. But you might be able to do so after a few games! So come, let’s play!

Besides, you should also explore other similar games with this game to relax and complete with the skills you have collected today like and They will be different lessons that you can hardly find in real life.

Instruction to play:

Use WASD to move

Space bar to jump and double click to jump. Hold to aim and release to charge