Clean Road

Clean Road is an entertaining and colorful driving simulation which is playable on pbs car racing games. You will be in control of a big snow plow, trying to make it to the end of a congested road. However, the traffic jam will not be easy to go through, and you will have to use all of your ingenuity to find a safe passage.

Clean Road is game that does not feature complex storylines or demanding missions. On the contrary, this little simulation is as straightforward as it gets. On, your only job when playing Clean Road is to get from point A to point B without causing a crash, i.e. a car accident. Of course, this is easier said than done.

Furthermore, you will be followed by a couple of cars that need to get out of the congested street. By the side of the road, you will notice bright yellow stars. Those stars signal the place where a car awaits you. Once you 'set it free', the vehicle will follow the snow plow, staying on the path that you clear out. Be sure to collect as many stars as possible since they play a vital role in the gameplay of the Clean Road!

Surely this will be the favorite game that you want to take the time to relax and play when you have free time. Unlock all levels in some new sports games such as Scrap Metal and Cow Defender

Instruction to play:

Use AD or allow keys to move