Mini Royale

Mini Royale is a fun multiplayer battle royale first person shooter with block graphics that you can play here on pbs io games of 2019. In this game, you are playing against a small number of players from around the world. This is not battle royale on a big scale, so the competition is even fiercer. 

Enter a battlefield full other players from around the globe, find a weapon and some ammunition and start shooting them all down. Be careful, there’s an erupting volcano filling the place with hot deadly lava, so try to get your job done before it reaches to you. Enter houses to find useful items and try to be the last player standing. Have fun!

Don't hesitate to unlock all the tasks today at and other similar games like Krunt.ioand Save on your favorite game list to join. 

Instruction to play:

Use your Arrow keys or WASD to move

Use your mouse to aim /shoot

Use R key to load

Press Space to jump