Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim

Visit PBS games free for completely free and unblocked games. Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim is an interesting driving simulation game that puts you in the position of a fireman traveling through a densely populated metropolis as dangerous criminals attack you! Use your fire truck to extinguish fires and rescue people from burning structures. If there is a citywide emergency, and the fire is claiming lives! The highly-trained firemen are constantly available to save lives. You have been tasked by the rescue agency with preventing casualties. You will use your flying fire truck to patrol the whole city and handle the crisis. Drive, Fly, Save Lives, and Preserve Humanity! You can also expand with other similar games in your favorite game list like Climb Racing 3D. It's a world of lots of interesting things that every player wants to join and choose.

Key Features:

• Flying truck driving. • Exciting flying feature of cars • Realistic car flying just like real aircraft • Explore many hidden features • Firefighter duty. • City roaming. • 911 emergency rescue. • Free to play.

Instruction to play:

w-forward, s-backward, a-left, d-right, f-in/out truck, esc- pause, r-reset truck, z-spray water, y-accept mission, n-decline mission, l-police light, q-fly/land, i-instructions.