Biker Lane

Driving motorcycles can be extremely hard, especially when it comes to controlling the speed, force and the lean vector of the bike. Should you like to challenge yourself with your own fast-paced motorbike, don't miss out on this new Pbs game: Biker Lane. In this game, you need to look out for the curvy lanes and hole in between the different path. The main task is to control the bike of the main character, a Viking hero, and move across the whole map.

You need to finish collecting the required stars on each level to move onto the harder level. If you crash or fail to collect that specific number, you will have to start over again. One of the most important skills which need to be utilized at is the ability to balance the bike.

Lean a little bit forward on the upward curve and a little bit backward to slow down when you reach the high peak. It's all about the reflex and your choice of movement. The infrastructure is one of the highlights here with many different shapes of lines. Can you manage to stay on the lines and not collide into anything? It's not as hard as it sounds.

Moreover, the speed of the bike is affected by the steep level of the path, which means that you also need to keep an eye on this feature. More fun driving games such as Biker Street and Highway Bike Simulator allow you to try out other kinds of vehicles! 

Instruction to play:

Use X key to boost the speed

Z to break and arrow keys to lean backward and forward.