My Craft: Craft Adventure

Have a great game in Pbs kids free games! My Craft: Craft Adventure is an adventure game in which a craft child becomes lost in a forest labyrinth. The objective of this craft lad is to surmount the obstacles and locate the exit from the labyrinth. On his voyage, the craft lad will face many obstacles in the form of creatures. Can you assist the craftsman in locating the exit? If you're a devotee of the well-known craft game, you'll certainly enjoy My Craft: Craft Adventure. We also suggest some similar games that you can save to your favorite game list to relax when you have free time like Squid Game Shooter. What are you waiting for? Don't forget to unlock the levels today.

Key Features:

Crafted game graphics: everything you see in this craft world will be made up of tiny squares. You should be excited about pixelated craft games, block games, and sandbox games.

Smooth controls will make running, building, and exploring in Craft a lot of fun.

Every day, you'll get new levels, so that your craft simulator will last forever.

There are more than 100 levels, so the craftsman can find a lot of adventures to go on.

Different boss battles: Scary bosses are waiting for you; do you have the courage to face them?

Playing the game is easy, so let's build the world together.

Totally free: This game doesn't cost any money to play.

Everyone can play craft games, both kids and adults. It works with both phones and tablets.

Instruction to play:

- Tap “left” and “right” button to move the craft boy

- Tap the “up” arrow to jump and attack the enemy

- Tap “attack” and the craftsman will defeat the enemy

- Collect wood to build your own craft boat

- Try to collect all 3 stars for better rewards

- Collect as many coins as you can to unlock new crafter skins