Hangman Adventure

Hangman Adventure is a fun version of the popular hangman game that you can play here on pbs best games. A huge flaming dragon stand in front of a young brave knight. No, there will not be a brutal fight, but an intelligent method. Can you guess the words? You are only given the category and the number of letters. Try to guess as many words and phrases as possible in this unique Hangman game.

Try to guess the secret word one letter at a time. If you guess an incorrect letter, the knight will lose a candy. To win, spell the word before he runs out of the candies. There are many different categories with easy and hard hangman words, so open your mind and try to think every possible option. Remember to take some time to guess your next letter, otherwise the poor knight will end up in flames. Have fun!

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to play this game