Dunk Line

Dunk Line free game is partly based on basketball sport that you can play here on pbs sports games. Basketball is loved by many people. This game is the same as basketball somehow. Nonetheless, it has a few differences. The main task is to get the balls through hoops. You are given one point for each successful dunk. Sometimes green diamonds are put in the hoops. Collect them as an extra task. 

How can you make goals? How do you make dunks? You are given pencils. You have 3 pencils to use. Draw 3 lines with 3 pencils. You are free to create lines. Be smart! You will have to act fast and precisely, so don’t start painting bridges all over the screen, just a straight line to the basket will make it. Avoid bombs and collect gems to unlock new balls. Use pencils effectively to make good lines and dunks.

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Instruction to play:

Play with mouse