Square Bird

Square Bird is an interesting game of arcade adventure which is playable on pbs jocuri online. This bird wants to go home, but on the road, there are many obstacles. To stop these roadblocks, you need to press the button and go home safely. It really wants some skills, it responds quickly and in Square Bird, and it will be a good time!

You have a nearly endless amount of levels to make it through, plus a number of bird skins that you can unlock in order to customize your character and the game.

In this game at https://pbskidsgames.games/, your mission is to have to do is tap on the screen in order to make eggs fall out of your bird. The eggs will get left behind when you pass an obstacle, but that’s the name of the game, and only the bird has to survive.

Each stage has its own obstacles that you need to pass, and as you get further in, a lot of it requires memorization. Luckily, the stages have the same layout every time you play them, so if you fail the first time, just remember what height you need to be at the next time that you play the level.

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Instruction to play: