Sushi Sensei

Welcome, young grasshopper! Young grasshopper, it's time to learn the art of slicing sushi. Slice sushi to gain points. Slice them well to earn combo points! Let me show you the fine art of slashing sushi. 

Here at pbs new games, you will learn how to use your blade, swipe over the sushi like so. Advance your training and make as much as you can combos. Performing combos will score you more points than single cuts! Try not to cut the bombs or it will blow up! Your objective in this Sushi Sensei is to skillfully cut sushis to attain the highest score, good luck!


- Unlock combos with better slicing technique

- Interactive tutorial to learn how to slice 

- Different kinds of delicious sushi: salmon, seaweed, crab roe, tuna fish, shrimp, duck liver, and yes, california rolls 

- Cool blade effects 

- Sushi bar theme

Join your friends right now in the game for a chance to release all the stress and fatigue. If the games are interesting for you, then join some other interesting game genres like Sock Flow at 

Instruction to play: