Highway Racing

Highway Racing is fast-paced 3d car game which is playable here on pbsGames 2019. If you love speed, hot cars and driving on the freeway, this free racing game is exactly what you need. Drive as fast as possible and try to avoid traffic on the highway. Pass other cars really close to earn money. The more crazy you behave, the more money you'll earn. Buy new fast cars, trucks or even a Lamborghini and upgrade them to race even faster. Enjoy!

In this improved version at https://pbskidsgames.games/, you can play four different game modes including a fun bomb mode in which you drive a truck that is loaded with a bomb – if you take damage or a heavy impact, the bomb will explode! Use the money you earn in all four game modes to unlock new vehicles and customize your cars. You can even play a multiplayer version and race against other players!

More fun games like Vehicle Simulator 2 and Offroader V5 also have the most enjoyable gameplay and have been rated with stars by the other players, so check them out!

Instruction to play:

Use Arrows to drive

Use C to change camer