Wood Block Journey

Have a great game in PBS com! Wood Block Journey is an intriguing woodblock puzzle game that combines the mechanics of Sudoku. This calm yet challenging puzzle game is sure to keep you hooked in no time! The game offers two modes of play: Endless and Level.

In Endless mode, your objective is to place blocks on a 9x9 board and fill rows, columns, or squares to clear them from the game. Your goal is to play for as long as you can without running out of space to beat your high score. This mode is perfect for those who enjoy testing their skills and pushing their limits.

In Level mode, you will need to complete specific missions in addition to clearing rows, columns, or squares from the game. This mode is perfect for those who prefer a more structured approach to puzzle-solving. With each level, the difficulty level increases, and the challenges become more complex.

Wood Block Journey is an addictive puzzle game that offers a perfect blend of strategy and fun. Its simple yet challenging gameplay will keep you entertained for hours, making it an ideal game for anyone who loves puzzles. Whether you're looking to pass the time or challenge your mind, Wood Block Journey is the perfect game for you! We also suggest lots of similar games for players like Wood Block Puzzle. You will be surprised by this journey.

Instruction to play:

Use MOUSE to play the game.