Bike Blast

Bike Blast is a fun fast-paced endless runner game which is pbs bike racing games. Hop on top of your cool BMX bike and start riding through traffic in this fun endless skill-based challenge – Bike Blast! Collect coins to unlock new characters, costumes, and new bikes. Buy new cool powerups to increase your riding efficiency. The similarities to Subway Surfers are obvious and probably intentional, but that doesn't make it any less entertaining.

The game features a fun and addicting gameplay with many collectibles. Select your character and jump, duck, slide, and dash your way to the streets as you collect coins, complete quests, and take on various challenges. Along the way, you have to dodge buses, trams, fences, and the rest of the obstacles in the game at Avoid getting a direct hit and try to use your helmet at the right moments where you can’t avoid everything. Try to complete all the daily missions and have fun!

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Instruction to play:

AD or left/right arrow to move left or right

W or up arrow to jump (jump on guard rail to perform grinding)

S or down arrow to slide

Space bar to build up power before using high ramps