Striker Dummies

Striker Dummies is an incredibly realistic fighting game for 2 players which is playable on pbs games unblocked. The aim is simple – you must try and destroy the other wooden dummy by hitting them with your giant hammer! The winner of this intense dual is the first one to reach 5 points. Can you be crowned the striker dummy champion?

At, play against your friend on the same computer or against the CPU, controlling wooden dummies that use huge hammers to destroy each other. Try to hit hard and use your dummy’s movements to tear your opponent appart and win fight after fight. The graphics and sound effects of this game take this fighting experience to another level, so get ready for Striker Dummies and have fun! 

With 3D eye-catching graphics and the attractive gameplay, I believe that this game will help you release stress in life. Besides, there are some similar games such as Idle Mining Co. and Fireboy And Watergirl 4 Crystal Temple

Instruction to play:

Player 1: Use WASD

Player 2: Use Arrows