Froggee is an interesting action game that you can play here on pbs jogos online. In this one, you will control a frog. You will play with a vertical screen. On the screen are small puddles. Your task is to jump to the puddles above. Try to jump as high as you can. Have fun!

The challenge for you in this game is the dangerous animals and plants. Along the way, you will see the stars. Try to collect all these stars. You can also eat flies in the map. Collect stars and eat flies for points. Especially at, when you jump into a bubble, you can fly. Try to avoid them. If you hit them, you will die and the game will end. Good luck!

In addition, you can explore other new games like Bunny Storm and FLAMMY. Unlock all levels and win with the highest score. 

Instruction to play:

Use mouse to control in this game.