Puzzle Fuzzle

Puzzle Fuzzle is an arcade finding and matching puzzle game for children that you can play here on pbs game for best. During the game, you will be given many different objects, separate parts and combine to create a new thing according to your imagination and creativity. Each stage is a different puzzle and the newly created picture is unique according to each person's imagination, no one like anyone.

This game possesses a completely new gameplay, unleashes Picasso painting talent in you, even turns you into an engineer when solving puzzles. At https://pbskidsgames.games/, you will disassemble the image and use the pieces to create a new object. Start creating your door masterpiece from this mix of puzzle pieces now!

There are so many hidden things in every image and creativity, your great imagination is the key to combining all the correct shapes in the most appropriate way. For example, from a suitcase and mouse, players can separate parts, take the most needed parts and combine them to create a toaster oven, forming a glass of wine from a piston and candle, tree crayons and leaves are combined into carrots, white cones and flags can create ice cream, etc ...

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to interact