Emperors on Ice

Emperors on Ice is a fun physics game about penguins that you can play here on pbs online 2019. The ice is melting at the Polar Regions – this is causing devastation to the penguins and threatening their sanctuary! You are a commander of the penguins and must try to defend their land. 

Shoot down any unwanted adversaries that fall from the sky and ensure that you purchase different upgrades to improve your defences. Can you save the penguins and keep their habitat intact?

The list will be continuously refreshed weekly or monthly. You should also organize a contest with your friends to see who wins the list of interesting games. https://pbskidsgames.games/ also open the world with other favorite games for you to explore like Wolfenstein 3D and Undead Clicker

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to aim, release to shoot.