Bubble Shooter Arcade 2

Come and join the this puzzle game in the PBS kids online. Bubble Shooter Arcade 2 is the much anticipated successor to the iconic Bubble Shooter Arcade. This Bubble Shooter has even more action, a brand-new bubble swapping function, and gorgeous updated visuals! Are you ready? Two fresh rows of bubbles are added every 15 seconds. You must pop as many bubbles as rapidly as possible to remain in the game.

As rapidly as you can, fire at least two identically colored bubbles. The more bubbles you clear at once, the quicker your power bar fills and the quicker you get an unique booster bubble that can be used to burst bubbles of any hue. Use the shooter's shuffle button to switch bubbles. How many points can you score before the game ends? Master your technique and win the championship!

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Instruction to play:

Use mouse on desktop or touch on your mobile device.