is a post-apocalyptic third person multiplayer online shooter which is playable on pbs .io games. Take on the role of a brave hero armed with a knife standing by himself on a farm packed with evil bloodthirsty zombies and other dangerous players who will do anything to be lead the match. 

But Beware! This is an online MMO shooter at The zombies aren’t going to be the only thing trying to kill you. Other players from around the world are signed in, armed to the teeth and on the hunt for suckers. Hunt lest ye be hunted! Remember; when you stare into the cold undead eyes of your zombie opponents you're not really so different than them. Just give it a few years or one bad move on your part.

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Instruction to play:

Use the WASD or arrow keys to move

Shift to roll

C to crouch

Space bar to jump

Left mouse button to shoot

Right mouse button to aim

12345 to switch weapon

E to do an action

Enter to chat

Tab to open leaderboard

P to pause

L to lock/unlock mouse