Shootout 3D

Shootout 3D is a free online shooting game which is playable on pbs Games for boys. This game is all about making the perfect shot using reflecting surfaces for your laser weapon to hit your enemies. As you run forward, you will find yourself in many sticky situations, with several shooters ready to shoot you down. Your task is to rotate your character and shoot whenever the laser hits them, but be careful, they will also rotate along with you character, so find the way to trick them and get rid of all of them without being shot. Have fun with Shootout 3D!

In Shootout 3D at, you will need to swipe left and right to control all characters, good and bad. Tap on the screen to fire, but make sure you don't hit a good guy otherwise it's game over. Reach the end of the level and face off against the tough bosses to win the game! Become a hero and eliminate the enemies and bosses whilst protecting innocent civilians.

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Instruction to play: