Combat Reloaded

Combat Reloaded is a fun, fast paced, first person shooter multiplayer game that you can play here on www pbs. Everyone knows that first person shooters are more fun, when they're multiplayer. But who has the time to buy a new game, install it and endure the endless tutorial? Luckily here is Combat Reloaded. A simple, straight-forward multiplayer online shooter for you and me.

This is an online multiplayer game, which is played in teams. You have to everything that’s in your power to survive and gain enough points to lead your team to victory. The map is full of weapons. Even though you already have a weapon at the start of the game at, you should find a better one to improve your chances of winning. Hope you like it!

Choose from one of 28 well-crafted maps that range from a small castle to famous location. Choose from several different weapons and select your style of game that fits you: Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Beserker etc. and shoot it out with your enemies in an all-out battle to see who will come out on top! We recommend playing on European servers, since latency can be quite problematic. Aside from that, everything’s up to you. If you register, you’ll be able to gain experience points. Do you have the skills to rise to the top?

Besides, you should also explore other similar games with this game to relax and complete with the skills you have collected today like Gun Fu: Stickman 2. They will be different lessons that you can hardly find in real life.

Instruction to play:

Use WASD to move

Use the mouse to Aim / Shoot 

The Shift to Run

The Space to Jump

C to Crouchư

F to Pick Up Weapon