Super Stacker 3

Super Stacker 3 is the third in the Super Stacker series that you can play here on pbs 2 player . As a fun-filled puzzle game, it will bring you the test of wisdom. No matter how many levels there are, there will be several objects of different shapes. Your task is to put them all on the platform while keeping all the blocks in balance. The game is very easy to get started but it is hard to play. Join the game and test how many levels you can pass!

As in the first 2 games, the objectives and gameplay of this third installment  is pretty much the same as the first 2 games. As always you are given a set number of shapes to work with in the game. Select the shapes and stack them accordingly. Once you have put up your tower without any shape falling off, the clock in the game begins ticking. Once it starts ticking, your tower must stand and hold for the given time. If the tower holds for as long as the clock is ticking you have beaten the level and you can advance to the next stage. Sounds simple, right? Not so!

The game’s difficulty can be adjusted to suit your needs. At, there is an easy mode, a normal mode and a difficult mode to suit your tastes. The easy mode is as the name says very easy. The shapes usually fall into place at the right areas at all times. The normal mode is quite straightforward. There’s just the right element of challenge and difficulty and with a little effort it can be cleared easily. The difficult mode is really the hardest as the name says. The game often throws you shapes of the biggest and most unusual nature. The shapes are often difficult to balance because of their size and strange positioning. This is indeed the most difficult level. Hope you like it!

Invite friends to join the game and share the fun in this game with them. This is a great opportunity for you to discover some other games similar to Cut the Rope Time Travel and Monsterland Junior vs Senior

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to stack