Blast Away Ball Drop

Blast Away Ball Drop is a funny arcade game with 2D game art animation that you can play here on pbs games for free. Can you survive? Shoot the balls earn point and upgrade your tank cannon. Blast your way through a 100 balls or even more as they fall from the sky. You will have to use the mouse of the PC or the touch screen of our mobile device to move our ship and make it shoot against the balls that will fall from the sky.

It is managed for you to shoot the pointed quantity of balls in each level. There is a printed number on them, which means the number of hits you will have to take to eliminate them. The larger balls will in turn be divided into smaller ones and so on until all of them are destroyed. When you destroy a ball, it will drop some coins for you to collect. You can use the money to DIY and upgrade your cannon. Keep calm and blast balls away in Blast Away Ball Drop!

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Instruction to play:

Swipe the screen