Kung Fu Sparrow

Kung Fu Sparrow is a casual game play it on PBS games online. Master the genuine art of kung fu, fight till your last crumb, and never surrender! Throughout the road, you'll face a variety of foes, each with their own unique strength! Earn new belts and get access to extra levels!

You're a solitary sparrow. In the streets of the cruel, frigid, and starving city... Can you endure the hard circumstances of the countryside...? Will you discover your spot on a warm electrical wire...? That relies entirely on you and your response! In an uneven struggle, you must hop from wire to wire, eliminate foes, gather coveted bread, and beat the monster.

Each adversary have a distinct trait and weapon. Discover a successful strategy for each. The game offers 50 distinct levels, two game modes, and many playable characters. Get mastery of Kung Fu Sparrow by prevailing in a deadly fight. We also suggest lots of similar games for players like Stickmen Crowd Fight. You will be surprised by this journey.

Instruction to play:

To win you need to master a few simple movements with the mouse or play on the keyboard using the wasd and space bar. Jump on enemies by swiping up, down, and hit them with the left key.