Kings Of Chaos

King Of Chaos is a multiplayer fighting game that you can play here on pbs action games. When you join the actual battle, your ultimate tasks are to survive the attacks of the enemies and to upgrade your gear. Only by collecting the gems can you buy more updates from the store and enhance your firepower to maximize your damage range. If you want to grow faster in the game, just simply roam the map and attack the other players.

Select your character Ninja, Bowman or Wizard firstly to join in the battle of Chao King. Shoot the enemy around you. And collect the gems to respawn your life. or example, you can choose to be a Wizard, a Ninja, a Bowman, or a Sparta. If you are great with aiming and shooting the arrows, Bowman is the perfect position for you. Will you be the king of the chaos? Come on show your shooting skill. Good luck!!!

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Instruction to play:

Q key to make a triple shot

Use the WASD to move and the spacebar to shoot.