Grenade Hit Stickman

Grenade Hit Stickman is an arcade game play it on Pbs kids free online. Are you prepared for the amazing feeling of tossing grenades along the trajectory? Destroy anything in your way and break through the levels. Send your foes flying, blow up their bases and demolish their structures!

In the game, you can unlock different kinds of grenades as you move through the levels. Each grenade has its own explosion radius, destructive power, and flight path. When a grenade explodes, it can damage or destroy the following game objects: Boxes and boards are used to throw grenades. The grenade is thrown along the arc of its trajectory, and it's easy to control where it falls. The physics are accurate, and the characters fly away from grenades in a very funny way. They may fall on top of each other or on boxes. The grenade flies in an arc and hits different things before exploding. You can set up combos by killing multiple enemies with one grenade.

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Instruction to play:

PC control: Hold down the left mouse button and swipe along the desired trajectory.

Control on a mobile device: Swipe on the screen.