Cow Milking Simulator

Cow Milking Simulator is a physics based milking game which is playable on pbs unblocked games.Time to grab those big fat teats and start squeezing to fill one bucket after another. In this multiplayer game, your goal is to to fill up a certain amount of buckets within a limited time, which you get to choose. 

Milk the cow as realistically as possible without having to live on a farm! Begin to milk the cow, goat, horse or sheep, filling the bucket for the speed. Maybe you will be able to tame a wild animal: an elk or a camel for example? Here at, just choose the animal you like and drain the milk! Play constantly and improve the score. Become the best milkmaid among the city and village friends picking up a full bucket of milk in a matter of seconds!

With addictive gameplay and minimalistic design, you can’t wait to enter this game every time you have free time for sure. What are you looking for? Just play right now. Make sure you will discover a huge collection of games on our site. Good Old Tetris and Shapes Chain Match are 2 options that you should try first. 

Instruction to play:

1 player mode: Use ASJK

2 player mode: ASD/ JKL