Bicycle Simulator

Bicycle Simulator is a cool BMX bike stunts game that you can play here on pbs games for free online. You get ride around the city on your bike preforming cool stunts and tricks. You have complete freedom in this game with no objectives or time limits, journey around the city and do whatever you please.

Select a stage and a bicycle and start performing all sorts of land and air tricks speeding through ramps, large streets and highways and more. Some keys will toggle different tricks, like the backflip, a 180 spin, a manual or the bunny hop. So just feel free to ride however and wherever you want doing all sorts of jumps, flips and spins. Have fun playing this free online Bicycle Simulator!

You can take a leisurely bike ride or you can go wild and perform stunts and cool tricks at any occasion, it is up to you! There two different cool bikes to try and their 3 big map areas to check out. At, there are plenty of options to keep you entertained. Have fun! Features: 2 Bikes 2 Environments Fun physics

Do not miss your chance to enjoy today. Numerous new games that you update are similar to this game like Evo-F3and Speed Bumps. Discover and perfect in your free time.

Instruction to play:

Use the WASD to ride

The Space to jump

N to backflip

M to 180 spin