Color Fill

Color Fill is a fun-addicting free online game that you can play here on pbs games free online. This is one of the mobile games that you will want to experience after a hard working day, when the brain is full and you need to find a game without thinking to relax and Color Fill will is the solution for you. Your task is to control the square box blocks moving on the grid with different structures in each level to coat paint all over their surface.

At, you do not need to paint the squares on the grid one by one. Instead, you just need to move the cube and form a different sized shape to instantly fill the inside of the border with color. This is the secret to complete the screen quickly. However, this is not always the case because many different obstacles appear to prevent you.

These obstacles are often blocks of a color different from your color. They can move non-stop or stand still. If you touch them, you will have to play from the beginning. To solve these annoying blocks, you can move around them to destroy and cover them with your color.

However, there are also cases where the player cannot go around obstacles. Then, you need to find another solution such as creating a wall and letting them clash with each other until the obstructions are completely removed.

We are constantly introducing new games to players and you can save them on your favorite game list such as Collect Cubes and Scary Helix.

Instruction to play:

Click or tap to play this game