Soccer Physics Online

Soccer Physics Online is a soccer PVP game that you can play here on www pbs co m. The most fun and simple game in the world! You need to control your players to kick the ball into each other's goal, but you can only control our players by jumping from different angles. Have fun!

You can play multiplayer against players from around the world or play with a friend on one PC. The goal, of course, will be to score as many goals as possible and to score higher than your opponent. Each match lasts only 1 and a half minutes, so don't waste your time unnecessarily. The game also offers really strange physics, because you can only move with the help of jumps. Therefore, try to jump when you are pointing in the right direction. At first it will be more difficult, but after some time you will get used to it. So good luck.

Along with fun friends and experience the game, you will love it. It's great if you can experience more of some other similar games Backflip Dive 3D and Soccer Shoot 3D at Spending time playing the game, you will have moments of relaxation in life. 

Instruction to play:

W to jump.