Army Cargo Driver

Army Cargo Truck Drive is an exciting and realistic driving game which is playable on pbsGames 2019. Be an extreme offroad hill driver to deliver the military goods  to the designated location. Don't let your cargo fall down! Have fun!

Are you ready for the adventurous army driving game? If yes then welcome to the new free army truck simulation game. As an Army war missile transporter, your duty is to drive the military vehicle like Army tanks, army trucks, long trailers and army jeeps on dirt mountain roads. Transport the nuclear waste, weapons, and many other army logistics to army soldier's check post

Today you’ll start your new job as an Army Cargo Driver. Your task in this game at is to take all kinds of military goods to different basecamps. Avoid dropping boxes, barrels or whatever you are carrying, while driving as fast as possible to your destination. Earn money to buy better trucks that will help you get further. The physics based nature of this Military Truck Transport Game gives it a nice, realistic feel, so you better be careful or your cargo will jump out of your truck on the first speed breaker. Enjoy!

We suggest players the latest games and you can easily explore the world of Extreme Drift 2 and Hill Racing 2. That will be the best thing. 

Instruction to play:

W or up arrow to accelerate

S or down to use brake

A or left arrow to move left

D to or right arrow move right

Space bar to use handbrake

C to change camera