Assault Fury

Assault Fury is a fun and intense arcade third person shooter that you can play here on pbs action games. In this title, you are a fearless mercenary who is tasked with taking out the bad guys! Use each weapon in your weapon store - assault rifles, sniper guns and RPG to achieve your goal of freedom and peace. Your immediate decision for headshots can give you the complete control over the war zone. 

There is plenty of bullets and blood flying around – it is mayhem! At set stages, you will also fight some strong bosses who are difficult to beat. Don’t forget to use your upgrades to improve your mercenary so that you can complete your missions!

In addition to the unique and realistic 3D graphics, rich game play will take this game to a different level of shooting games. Each level is having different missions to complete; the most challenge is, you need protect yourself as well as your friends in this game. Beware of Drones, Choppers and Robots.

When you reach high levels, the difficulty levels will increase significantly, which means that more skillful techniques need to be used. Come to and take up the challenges in other sports games like Temple of the Four Serpents and Sniper 3D

Instruction to play: