Sniper 3D

Sniper 3D is a first person aiming and shooting games that you can play here on pbs action games. Armed with your powerful sniper rifle, you have to search for your target and shoot him down before he escapes. Pay attention to the description of your target, or you may shoot to death an innocent civilian and ruin your mission. 

Aim as good as possible before you pull the trigger. Try to act fast, because you won’t have much time until the criminal escapes. Earn enough money to buy cool upgrades or whole new rifles to keep on with your missions. Good luck and have fun with Sniper 3D!

This special game is for all ages with a relaxing hobby in their free time. What are you waiting for without starting to win all the levels with the shortest time and defeating all your opponents? also introduce players to similar games with this game like Dino Squad Adventure 2 and NInjuzi. You will love that world. 

Instruction to play: