Speedy Math Race

Speedy Math Race is a fun math game for kids that you can play here on pbs jogos online. Do you love racing games? Try one of these cool math racing games and see how much fun you can have when you practice your math skills in an interactive way. In this game, you can choose addition, subtraction, multiplication or division to play. 

There have many questions, you need to choose the right number to answer math questions quickly. It can be configured by enabling or disabling independently additions, subtractions, each of the multiplication tables and each of the division tables, to create different categories. The competitor car adapts to the user's speed in each of the categories. In the next race, the opponent will be faster if the player did win or slower if he didn't win. This encourages the player because the opponent always makes similar scores.

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to play.