Slime Rush Td 2

Slime Rush Td 2 is a tower defense game and very addictive which is playable on pbs mobile games. Turrets are placed in relatively fixed positions on the two-dimensional map to resist wave after wave of enemy attacks. Kill the enemy and gain gold. Upgrade to repair your tower. Are you ready to fight for your kingdom? Good luck!

Here, your objective will be to defend your kingdom. The monsters have come to live and are preparing to attack you in great numbers. Help your king and his subjects, by coming up with great tactics that will help you defeat your enemy. The resources that you gather can be used to build towers that will kill monsters for you and thus earn you more resources. You can fill up the whole road like this and thus protect the castle. You won’t have all the towers ready at the start of the game, but with time, they will gradually unlock. So come on, let’s fight!

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Instruction to play: