Draw Physics Line

With the element of physics, puzzle games can become more interesting because the players have to take another factor into account. Pbs game takes the inspiration of these amazing game to bring Draw Physics Line to our puzzle collection.

The game consists of many packs, each with its many levels inside as well. Take the turn to open each challenge and conquer all of them. You can draw any shape you want using the pen in this game. As the lines follow the physics rules, they will fall if dropped from the high places. If you draw a curvy line, it will roll around a bit when touching the ground. Can you see two balls on the screen? These balls will only move along the lines drawn by you.

After you draw your first line or polygon, make sure that it is close to the balls. When the different color balls touching the line, the heart shapes will appear to signify that you have gathered extra points. At the beginning of the game at https://pbskidsgames.games/, each player starts off with 3 hearts only. How many will you have to collect to break your own record and others? It's all about the creativity on a blank paper without any restraint on the location and time.

Just click on the game and start the challenge anytime, anywhere without any cost! Don't forget that we have a lot more puzzle games like Cupcake Empire 2 and Amazeballs

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to draw the lines.