Spindle Online

Spindle on the internet is a fast-paced game that you can play here on free games pbskids. You have to restrain the 2 balls to prevent those barriers on the street, the chunks will go quicker and quicker, keep concentrate and respond fast to find a better score. 

On your way there will be many obstacles falling from the top and they are very unexpected. So to be able to avoid them is not easy. Requires you to have smart observation and movement skills to be able to pass. All collisions are very dangerous to you, if you are unlucky to get two blue and red dots to touch the obstacle your game will end in failure. Wish you'll have fun in this game! 

You will have the right to choose the rotation direction of the ring that is rotated left or right. After that, accompany it to the end of your challenge. Your task in the game is to control the rotating circle so that the blue and red dots cannot touch anything.

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Instruction to play:

Tap or click to twist.