Water Me Please

Water Me Please is an intriguing and addictive puzzle game which is playable on pbs games for kids for free. With a very interesting and interesting topic, players can not only have effective entertainment minutes but they also develop their intelligence to solve mysterious puzzles through each round of game play, please check break it!

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With a fairly simple way of playing with easy-to-understand interface, players can feel comfortable whenever playing. They just need to connect the plots containing each piece of the river together so that they form a flow to the flower withering. Then move the water up, down, left or right and pour into the top of the stream, so the water flows to the flower place. So, you have saved 1 flower forest already! They are very happy and thank you! Please try to win 3 stars!

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Instruction to play:

Move the blocks left, right, up, down to make the water flow. So, the water can reach the flowers.