Met Rage

Met Rage is a awesome shooting game which is playable on pbs game action free. The underground is slightly different as it has a post-apocalyptic design - it looks like the end of the world. Martian Games have created a superb game set - you really feel the urgency of the situation as you explore the abandoned subway hunting for prey. Trains still rattle along the lines periodically - watch out for them otherwise you could end up squished on the lines.

When playing, you can complete side missions and use a myriad of awesome weapons. Take up arms and control guns such as a machine gun, pistol, and even deadly rocket launchers. As you play you will become proficient in many different weapons - you will become an elite assassin in the subway.

If you enjoy fantastic player multiplayer games, you will love Met Rage. This game really does have a great deal to offer. The gameplay is fast paced and exciting. Furthermore at, the game modes are interesting and allow both teamwork or solo skill. The game has a registered trademark, but anyone can play it providing they have a web browser.

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Instruction to play:

Use the WASD or arrow keys to move

Shift to toggle sprint

The mouse to aim/shoot

Right-click to scope

Mouse wheel/numpad to cycle weapons

G to Throw Grenade

P to Toggle Post-FX

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