Merge Ten

Merge Ten is a funny game that you can play here on pbs kids games. You will play on a board of cells. Use blocks to make the full.  You are given colorful blocks. Your work is to align them and create rows or columns as many as you can. As soon as you make lines, they will vanish and turn into coins increasing your asset

You possess eye-catching blocks. Strive for arranging them. The highest goal is to get scores and complete all levels. Perhaps Merge Ten game gladdens your heart. You will feel happy when lines disappear and coins go into your basket. Don’t scruple. Give it a try!

There are so many colors such as red, pink, blue, green and white. We provide 3 patterns of blocks for you. The patterns have various shapes. After you use up 3 forms, 3 other ones will show up. The square bricks will certainly elate you. A number of blocks in a pattern are different too. 

Make an effort to gain a lot of coins. Do your best! When you cannot move anymore, the game will stop. You may buy a booster to continue. There are countless levels. You need to get a certain number of coins to unlock them. Each level has a separate board shape. Your score is always shown on the screen while you match blocks.

Hope you love this game and if you want to play other similar games, you can try 9 Game and Make Me Ten. Check out at our site and you can find many other interesting types of games. Enjoy your time!

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to play