Crazy Ball

Crazy Ball is one of those crazy games with high speed that are just great for killing time and training your reflexes. The goal is to get a ball to a glass. You specify where and at what speed should fly ball. There are obstacles on the way to target. The game has weak gravity, air resistance and an elastic collision.

In this cool skill game at pbs kids games, you will see a ball roll down an endless slope full on gaps, ramps, speed boosters, obstacles and much more. Your goal is to keep in your way without falling down or hitting obstacles and collect as many diamonds as possible to buy new balls and power-ups, like diamond multiplier or magnet. Set the highest score reaching as far as possible. Enjoy Crazy Ball! are also constantly updating the latest games for players around the world to join when there is free time. Are you ready to start a new job in this game? In addition, we also introduce players to other similar games like Switch Dash and Tunnel. You will love your special world today. 

Instruction to play:

Arrows left / right