Word Splice

Word Splice is a fantastic but challenging word game that you can play here on pbs kids games for free. In this game, you have to test out your spelling skills and ability to create different words. You are presented with a jumble of different letters and you must arrange them into real words. With beautiful graphic design, Word Splice will definitely be a game worth playing in your free time.

As you create new and harder words the challenge becomes increasingly difficult. If you get stuck and struggle to create words, you can use the useful hints - remember though that these hints are limited! With a huge array of different words to create, this game provides endless fun!

Share this fun game with your friends and invite them to play. With vivid graphic design, you will feel great to fly in the air. If you love the game you can play more games like Pic A Pix at http://pbskidsgames.games/ for more fun experiences.

Instruction to play:

Press left mouse button to choose a bubble