is an active tower-defense game which is playable on unblocked pbs jogos online.  Its an all out war in the sky and there can be only one winner! Will it be you or will you faall helplessly down to earth? You need to move your castle to hunt some fierce dragons and upgrade it to get the best arsenals and defenses. 

At, there is no maximum level but after Level 145 you cannot upgrade your castle anymore. New game updates increase that cap further. Each level provides you with 1 upgrade point which helps you turn your small town-like castle into the badass citadel from Hell! The unique gameplay combines shooting accuracy with fast reflexes. Your arrows are affected by inertia and the amount of time you charged them up. Moving and shooting is a great tactic for chasing people as your arrows go further. Each arrow type is unique and affects the gameplay differently (bigger and slower, smaller and faster, etc)

Many players have saved this game to the list of fighting games and other similar games like and Discover if you have free time and want to finish into it.

Instruction to play:

Move your castle with WASD or the keyboard arrows

Charge up your shot with the left mouse button and sprint with the right mouse button

Upgrade by clicking on the icons or on the keyboard with 1, 2, or 3

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