is a cool .io multiplayer fighting game which is playable on Pbs online games. You control a heroic warrior and attempt to destroy all other enemies in the arena. In the map there are many colorful dots that you can eat to become stronger. The more dots you eat, the more EXP you have. Besides, you also can see some interesting power-ups like horses or protect shields. Try to hop on a nice horse and get a protect shield then go hunting your enemies.

You can choose from a variety of different warriors, each of which have their own armor, weapon and shield – maybe you want to fight as a Teutonic Knight? Or maybe you want to choose a Viking? Once you have selected your character you can enter the fray! 

In this game at, you must collect the colored gems scattered around the arena to boost your power and improve your character level. As you progress your character strength increases and you can dish out more damage. If you are killed however you must start again from level 1! Choose your hero today and join the fight!

Games similar to this game are also shared in the game theme you have chosen such as and Are you ready to start your game today? 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to lead your soldier.

Press Space or left click to attack.