Penalty Superstar

Penalty Superstar is a thrilling goalkeeper game that you can play here on pbs games for free. Step up to the goal-line and become a professional goalkeeper in the fun Penalty Superstar. Controlling the goalkeeper you must save as many penalty kicks as possible and win the game for your team! Before you compete, you are given a walkthrough and a series of practice shots to get used to how the controls work, etc. 

Once you have practiced, you can enter the different leagues starting with the home league, all the way up to the pro league - each league has a higher level of difficulty. Each level at, you will face a different opponent, and each one is faster, stronger, and more clever than the last. Be sure to get the power-ups for they will really help you out in stopping the most powerful shots thrown at you. Test your reflexes and try to win every match!

More games with unique gameplay like this are also uploaded for free such as Basketball Stars and Bicycle Kick Master. Take some time off to have fun with them! 

Instruction to play:

Left and right arrow to move

Up arrow to jump

Down arrow to slide